My Experience With BahnCard

 When I was buying train tickets on, it offered me to buy a BahnCard to save money on my ticket. I bought it and assumed I’d be able to use the same BahnCard on other tickets, but I did not know that you cannot apply a BahnCard discount on tickets other than the ones you bought your BahnCard with until you receive a plastic version of the bahn card in mail (post).
You have to wait for to physically mail you a plastic card version of the BahnCard which has the Bahnkartenummer (BahnCard number) that you need to apply discount on tickets you are buying.
So, if you plan on using the bahn card in Germany, make sure you give about 2-3 weeks of time for it to be mailed to your address (within Germany or abroad).
Also, if you don’t cancel the bahn card, your card will be charged for it to be renewed automatically. I have yet to cancel mine, so I will try to add info on that process when I go through it. Apparently, you have to mail in the request for it to be cancelled.



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